Dairy Industry in Australias South Coast

With the recent surplus of milk and resulting price war, it has become increasingly important for dairy farmers in Australia’s South Coast region to stand out among the competition. Selecting the best cow for milking could help them offer the best tasting, highest quality milk to discerning consumers.

From the Alps of Switzerland, the Brown Swiss cow is able to tolerate the worst of environments. It is also considered one of the best milk producers in the world, yielding a high amount at each milking. This can greatly increase its cost effectiveness, since one cow can produce more milk. Because of this, the Brown Swiss cow is rapidly becoming the most sought after breed for dairy farmers.

Another bovine breed to consider is the Ayrshire. Originating from Ayr, Scotland, in the early nineteenth century, this breed of dairy cow is still considered one of the best in the business. The milk these cows give have the right consistency to make a large variety of dairy products, such as butter, cream and, of course, milk.

The last breed that warrants serious consideration when deciding the best dairy breeds is the Guernsey cow. This breed, originating from the Breton and French Norman bovine lines, was carefully nurtured and perfected by monks along the English Channel. Not only do these produce high quantities, their milk has a very high amount of butterfat. This produces not only thicker, richer milk, but also yields some of the best butter and cream in the business.

Knowing which breed of dairy cow is best for the South Coast region of Australia is of utmost importance. Selecting the right one can give an upper-hand against the competition, as it will enable the farmer to deliver the highest quality dairy products.